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This Nobel Prize inspired cholesterol reducer is safe, proven -- and perfectly natural!

Scientists have discovered the "cholesterol" enzyme.   Substances that inhibit this enzyme, and lower cholesterol, are called statins.     Prescription statins, such as Zocor® and Lipitor®, have become the most widely prescribed class of drugs in history.

Your doctor is probably not aware that a molecule normally present in the human body inhibits the same cholesterol-producing enzyme. This natural statin can be taken orally. While not patentable, it is at least as effective as today's prescription drugs without side effects.   This essential molecule is Nature's Perfect Statin® and it is the prime ingredient in Heart Technology.

Heart Technology is a nutritional drink mix featuring amino acids plus antioxidants, substances normally present in the human body.   As a drink, Heart Technology makes it convenient to attain effective cholesterol-lowering dosages. Heart Technology customers report dramatic drops in their cholesterol after using inexpensive Home Cholesterol Monitors to judge the dosage.

Those following the dosage recommendations made by the Nobel Prize winning chemist Linus Pauling are reporting that their cholesterol drops 20-30 points in as few as two days.    Surprisingly, there have also been reports that cholesterol returns to previous elevated levels within a "couple of days" after stopping the Heart Technology product, or even reducing the dosage.

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Why not see these results for yourself? Tower Laboratories offers a $20 rebate with proof of purachase of the LifeStream cholesterol monitor when you order 2 Jars Heart Technology This offer good in the United States only through December 31, 2004.

Nature's Perfect Statin®

Inhibit the HMG-CoA Enzyme - Naturally

Original Statin

All statins -- natural or artificial -- lower cholesterol by blocking the same essential enzyme. Harwood, et. al, [*] discovered that the primary ingredient in Tower Heart Technology , ascorbic acid, is the human body's natural HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, but without the liver-destroying potential. This ingredient has no toxic dose.

Avoid the Dark Side

The highly-touted statin drugs can be dangerous. Tiny amounts can lower Coenzyme Q10 levels, weaken muscle, damage the liver, and increase the risk of cancer in laboratory animals. Statin drugs have also been tied to transient memory loss, to an increased risk of eye cataracts and to the increasing number of heart failures, leading to more human heart transplants.

Unlike the artificial statins such as the prescription drugs Lipitor® and Zocor®, Tower Heart Technology is a nutritional supplement which protects the liver, increases CoQ10, and reduces Lipoprotein(a) -- which hundreds of studies have identified as the real villain in cardiovascular disease.

Nature's Perfect Statin®

Works like a drug - Acts like a nutritional supplement.

Lower Cholesterol Safely

Heart Technology is Nature's Perfect Statin® - the right way to lower cholesterol.

There is no need for a prescription from your doctor because Nature's Perfect Statin is not a drug.

Trust, but Verify...

As part of a new promotional campaign, you are invited to try 2 jars of Tower Laboratory's HeartTechnology - Nature's Perfect Statin® - and receive a $20 credit with proof of LifeStream Cholesterol- Monitor purchase. Fax proof of LifeStream purchase to 630-416-1309. Offer good for shipments to North American thru December 31, 2004)

Fast Results

"I've never seen such a drop in cholesterol numbers . . . If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending HeartTechnology to all their patients." -- William Cook's Cardiologist

After William Cook of Louisville, KY, suffered two heart attacks and a triple heart by-pass operation he elected natural cholesterol reduction. Declining medical advice to begin a cholesterol-lowering drug, Cook began taking Tower HeartTechnology in mid-April of 2002. "In 8 months Bill's cholesterol dropped from 246 to 164 and his LDL dropped from 163 to 101, all on (Vitamin C) and . . . Tower HeartTechnology. [Case Report]

Therapy Made Easy

Dramatic cholesterol reduction has never been safer. Those with elevated cholesterol are far more likely to be long-term compliant because Tower HeartTechnology is . . .

It Works!

Most people easily attain Linus Pauling's recommended preventive dosage, and 2 to 3 daily drinks provide maximum benefits.

Heart Technology is working well for my mother and I don't want her to run out. Her Cholesterol was over 500 a month ago, severe blockage and has had by-pass surgery and carotid surgery twice. She went in for her checkup the end of last week and her cholesterol is now down to 183 and the rest of the tests were normal. They even cut the dosages on some of her medicines. She will be going back in a month to follow-up and see if the numbers stay there. I don't know if the product did all of that in a month but it didn't hurt either. She has been cooking and cleaning again for the last two weeks which she hasn't been able to do in over a year. So you can see why I don't want it to run out.
- Gary Myers, Leslie, Missouri 63056

HeartTechnology is also an Lp(a) Binding Inhibitor. The powerful formula combines high-dosage antioxidants required to lower cholesterol, such as Vitamins C, E, and A with amino acids required to inhibit the binding of Lipoprotein(a), such as proline, lysine, and arginine.

How you and your doctor decide to lower your cholesterol is one of the most important decisions you will make. Don't miss this limited opportunity to find out more at our new store.

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Nature's Statin: Detailed HeartTechnology Product Information
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